Gold sinks below $1 300 after Fed ends era of easy money

By Frik Els The gold price sunk below $1,300 an ounce on Wednesday after the US Federal Reserve threw its nine-year old stimulus programme into reverse and signalled that it could raise rates again before the end of the year.
Posted On 21 Sep 2017

All eyes on Reserve Bank, with Federal Reserve’s decision out of the way

With one piece of big news out of the way — the US Federal Reserve’s policy announcement on Wednesday night — the local market will be looking at the Reserve Bank’s decision on South African interest rates later on Thursday.
Posted On 21 Sep 2017

‘Involve smallholder farmers in seed production’

By Sifelani Tsiko recently in Mudzi The involvement of smallholder farmers in seed production could help improve livelihoods and the conservation of indigenous seed varieties, a veteran agronomist and development expert says.
Posted On 20 Sep 2017

What KPMG’s Gupta imbroglio says about corruption in South Africa

By Jannie Rossouw As far as corporate accountability goes, the recent announcement that the CEO and seven senior executives at auditing and consultancy firm KMPG in South Africa have resigned is a welcome development.
Posted On 20 Sep 2017

Iron ore price drops as Chinese steel begins to pile up

By Frik Els — The Northern China import price of 62 percent Fe content ore slumped on Friday as the country’s steelmakers stoke production ahead of mandated cuts going into winter which could result in a sudden drop-off in iron ore demand.
Posted On 18 Sep 2017

The oil market is bigger than all metal markets combined

Ever since the invention of the internal combustion engine, oil has been one of the most crucial commodities on Earth. Without it, modern transportation as we know it would not be possible. Industries such as aviation, aerospace, automobiles, shipping, and the military would look...
Posted On 14 Sep 2017

South Africa: Bonds steady ahead of local current account data and US CPI

South African bonds were unchanged on Thursday morning ahead of data releases that could affect the rand.Current account data for the second quarter is due out on Thursday morning.
Posted On 14 Sep 2017

How South African business can help government fix the economy

By Steven Friedman What business is willing to say to itself is as important, as what it says to government. Which is why the document, a contract with society, released by an organisation representing big business, Business Leadership SA’s Contract with South Africa may be...
Posted On 13 Sep 2017

Central Bank Nuances and Economic Growth Plans

Everyone is trying to understand the nuances of central bank communications – indeed, this has been a decades long pastime. In recent years, the parsing of communications was for signs of how much more extraordinary the stimulus would be. As 2017 plods along, the parsing is now...
Posted On 06 Sep 2017

Why do investors love equity income?

The pull of dividend income has become a very powerful one and there is no sign of any decline in its popularity. In this short guide, we explore why companies that pay dividends are in such demand, why investment trusts are such a great way to tap into them, and what to look for...
Posted On 05 Sep 2017