Delta expects beer sales to remain flat

Harare – Beverage manufacturer Delta Corporation says it did not increase production of sorghum this year since it does not anticipate a substantial rise in beer sales mainly due to the economic challenges the country is facing.

Delta company secretary Alex Makamure told New Ziana that they were still assessing the hectares planted this season though the target yields were at 4 to 6 tons per hectare for commercial and 1 to 2 tons for communal.

“The target output for 2015 is at the same levels as last year as the volumes of beer sales are not expected to increase substantially given the state of the economy,” he said.

Delta contracts farmers to grow sorghum following the decline in its production as most farmers shifted to growing cash crops such as tobacco.

Makamure said Delta contracted 27 commercial and 5 000 communal farmers to produce sorghum in this cropping season.

He said the company uses about 12 500 tons of red sorghum and 2 000 tons of white and sweet red sorghum annually to produce opaque beer and Eagle larger.

Sorghum is a small grain crop ranked second as a staple cereal crop after maize in Zimbabwe.

It is a drought resistant crop grown mostly in regions 3, 4 and 5 where there is uneven distribution of rainfall.

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