Diamond Cement to Upset market order

BH24 Reporter —
NEWLY established Redcliff based cement manufacturer, Livetouch Investments, says its brand Diamond Cement will upset the current order on the market due to its high quality and low price.

Chief executive Dongning Wang said Livetouch’s Diamond Cement was of the highest quality, just like most premium cement products on the market due to its world class materials ratio used during its manufacture.

Mr Wang also said Diamond Cement had the lowest price per 50 kg bag. He pointed out that given the current difficult economic environment, the company wants Zimbabweans to enjoy using high quality cement at lowest prices. The high capacity of the plant also makes it possible for the company to offer low prices.

Mr Dongning also said the high quality of Diamond Cement was largely determined by the high technology plant in Redcliff and the best materials ratio used by Livetouch to manufacture its Diamond Cement.

“In the face of the temporary difficulties in Zimbabwe, we all need to work together and Livetouch wants to contribute a bit of its own power through low prices,” Mr Dongning stressed.

“Diamond Cement is getting popular, we are supplying cement to N. Richards, Building Centre, Open House, Builders Home, Farm City, Farm Shop, Pote, MFS, Mega Save and others,” he said.

“The value for the customer is high quality and low price and the value for the retailer is more profit,” Mr Dongning added.

The product is now available in a number of large and small retail outlets in major cities and towns, as well as growth points across the country. In total, Mr Dongning said they have agents in 45 cities and towns.

The Diamond Masonry Cement is set to become one of the most popular cement brands that can be used for plastering, flooring, making cement bricks, general construction and many more.

Livetouch Investments was incorporated in 2015 to manufacture masonry cement in Zimbabwe in Redcliff and is targeting to become a household name in local cement production.

The company has state of the art cement manufacturing plant, imported from China, which has capacity to produce 410 000 tonnes annually. The cement plant started running in March 2017.

Livetouch successfully completed stress testing of its Diamond Cement. Focus has now been placed on marketing for product visibility.

Livetouch Investments becomes the fourth major cement producing company in the country after forerunners PPC Zimbabwe, Lafarge Zimbabwe and Sino-Zimbabwe. But in terms of capacity, it has the second largest PPC Zimbabwe.

The company become the fourth major cement producer in the country after PPC, which produced from Bulawayo and Gawnda prior to doubling its capacity to 1,4 million tonnes with a new plant in Harare.

Livetouch’s plant is located adjacent to Steelmakers Zimbabwe to the north east and diagonally to Zisco to the north. The plant has only the second biggest ball mill in the country after PPC’s new plant.

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