Zim destroys 100 000 inefficient light bulbs

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory  Authority has destroyed at least 100 000 incandescent light bulbs as it  moves to ensure the country saves electricity, an official has said.

Through Statutory Instrument 21 of 2017, ZERA banned the importation,  manufacture and sale of inefficient light bulbs in a move aimed at  saving electricity.

The ban does not include special incandescent lighting products such as  medical and laboratory equipment, T10 and T12 halo phosphate fluorescent  lamps and magnetics ballasts as fluorescent lamps with a colour  rendering index less than 80.

ZERA chief executive Engineer Gloria Magombo said a lot of work has  been done since the introduction of S.I 21 of 27 which came into effect  on the 28th of April.

“We have crushed over 100 000 incandescent bulbs which were in the  market which could have consumed 10 Megawatts of electricity and they  have been crushed through both Zimra which are now vetting these at the  points of entry and also the blitz which we have had especially  wholesalers who have been keeping a lot of these,” she said.

“And some now are volunteering to destroy them themselves and we also  have had prosecutions in cases where we caught people with these,” she  said.

Eng Magombo said ZERA was planning to formulate energy management  regulations.

“In future we are going to introduce energy management regulations,” she said.

“We are hoping that we will do that next year, after we have created  the sufficient pool of professionals who can ensure that those  regulations can be implemented,” she said.

According to the regulations, no person shall import, manufacture,  distribute or sell lighting products which do not meet the minimum  energy performance standards (MEPs) as defined in the regulations while  lighting products which do not meet MEPs will be seized and disposed of.

The banning of inefficient light bulbs is anticipated to save the  national grid a substantial amount of power. – New Ziana

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